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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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already this morning. >> 83 degrees at reagan national. when you start around 80 degrees, you are in for it in the afternoon. mid to upper 90s this afternoon. it is 83 right now at reagan national. 77 at bwi marshall, 76 in leesburg. let's go to the forecast. a lot of sunshine today, a few patchy clouds this afternoon. 97 is the high temperature. you will feel the humidity. now to lisa baden. newschopper 7 is flying over the beltway near the baltimore washington parkway. moving nicely in both directions between 32 and the split at new york avenue/kenilworth ave. in virginia, traffic pattern
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change for the 14th street bridge. the lanes: to the left and went to the right. the far right lane of traffic coming off the george washington parkway where they have a dedicated line, so that is helping them. but there is no help on the northbound side of 395 with delays growing already from the pentagon. we will have more on this in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, the aftermath of a deadly plane crash in the mountains of alaska. former senator ted stevens and four members of a fishing trip died when a small plane went down in bad weather irredentists beef is trying to determine what went wrong. almost half the passengers on the plane have local ties, including former nasa administrator sean o'keefe and two other survivors. we're learning more about those survivors and victims' from family members. >> pamela brown joins us in a satellite center with mixed
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emotions. >> that's right. two families directly impacted by that plane crash in alaska. a lobbyist from potomac is one of five people killed. a local teenager and an arlington man survived. we spoke with their loved ones. emotions ran deep. it has been an emotional rollercoaster for lisa brown and her family. >> i cannot explain it. >> her uncle jim morhard was on the plane that crashed into an alaskan mountaintop monday. he waited 12 hours before rescuers could reach him and three other survivors. brown and president heard his voice on the phone as he recovered in the hospital. >> he told us he was ok. >> he was supposed to be on a father-a son fishing trip, but his son could not make it. jim morhard was joined by a mentor, former alaska senator
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ted stevens. stephens died along with four others. >> that is the point i am or about. -- am worried about. >> a rising eighth grader at i survived.r de but his father did not. >> it's heartbreaking. >> family and friends of willie phillips and jim morhard boarded a flight to lescott to join their loved ones as they recover. we will have more on the crash investigation, coming up. >> president obama is paying tribute to those who died in the crash. he issued a statement. "michele and i send our condolences to the entire stephens family and if to the families of those who perished along side senator stevens in this terrible accident." >> of vigil will be held this evening for the victims of last
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week by double murders in prince george's county. two women and two children were killed. at 7:00 p.m. outside sovereign grace baptist church on third street in new carrollton tonight for the vigil. a serialmanhunt for silv stabbing suspect continues in leesburg. he's been connected to more than a dozen attacks in other states. brianne carter has the latest. >> he has killed five people and injured 11 others. they have released surveillance video showing a car they believe he was driving just minutes before an attack in leesburg. driving through this parking lot is the man police in three states say is a serial attacker. the surveillance video shows the man seconds before he attacked a 19-year-old. >> the vehicle appears quickly
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and then come across the parking lot to stop location. >> the actual attack involved a hammer, captured by a surveillance camera and is evidence in a series of crimes against men of color. >> a lot of people are scared. >> one of three attacks in this community, motivated by hatred. a 15-year-old boy and a 67-year- old man was stabbed. the man depicted in the sketch was driving a green chevy blazer similar to this one. >> i hope the guy is found quickly. so something like that does not happen anymore. >> in addition to other surveillance video, police are looking at toll road cameras to try to determine where the attacker was during the four days that he was in leesburg. a 16-year-old girl hit by a
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car and district heights has died. she was struck around 9:45 last night at the intersection of marlboro pike and tanow. she died at the hospital this morning. the driver stayed on the scene. the search is on this wednesday for prankster who may be targeting d.c. council chairman vincent gray's maciel campaign. campaign officials say a person has been making prank calls to residents and masking their phone number with a campaign line. they have notified d.c. police, who are investigating. the d.c. police union has fought a lawsuit against the city and the mayor. the union says the city has delayed its response to a freedom of information act request for documents a bout anti-violence group peaceoholics. the union wants to know how the group has spent millions of dollars it has received from d.c. police. the results are in for
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several key primary races. former wrestling ceo, linda mcmahon has one in connecticut. michael bennett has won the democratic nomination in colorado. the bitter runoff for the republican gubernatorial nomination is still too close to call. turning to the oil disaster in the gulf, the national hurricane center says a tropical depression is headed right for the oil spill site. tropical storm warning issued for much of the gulf coast. bp and the coast guard say the threat of a tropical storm has forced crews to stop drilling a relief well that is designed to permanently plug a blown out well. still ahead, more troubles for metro. a bus driver accused in six hit- and-runs.
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>> a bad night for stephen strasburg. another dangerous
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the hot weather is taking a toll on many area residents. in d.c. yesterday there were 30% more emergency calls than usual. most of them were heat-related problems. d.c.'s recreation department has extended hours at many city swimming pool to combat that. time for traffic and
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weather. >> adam caskey has a check of the forecast. in the '80s almost already? >> 83 degrees. we have a few locations in the low 80's. numbers.k at the 73 and huntingtown. 79 in southeast d.c. 81 in baltimore. 76 in leesburg. 97 this afternoon. at dulles airport, the most likely record to fall today, 96. we will be close to 97. sunshine with a few scattered clouds. tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms with added cloud cover. thunderstorms should be later in the day with gusty wind. upper 80's tomorrow. noticeably cooler. one more day of intense heat. nothing intense, hwy except
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for a change in the traffic pattern in virginia on 395. first i want to take you to maryland. newschopper 7 has a live picture of the beltway, traffic moving smoothly over georgia ave. moving well between the ikea and 270, the outer loop. inouye looks good from montgomery county if through silver spring, into college park, and into the wilson bridge. 395 north bound, the is beginning at the pentagon. there's a change in the traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge. one to the left and on to the right to get around the new traffic pattern. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12, 80 degrees or so on this wednesday morning. coming up, new details about the toyota wild rides. investigators have ruled out one possible cause. did a metro bus driver hit a car and then flee the scene ?
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in our top stories, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane crashes that killed former alaska senator ted stevens and four other people. former nasa administrator sean o'keefe was also on the plane, he survived. three people from our erroll on board. two of them, including a 13- year-old boy, survived. leesburg police said the person driving that to bring in a chevy blazer may be responsible for three attacks. authorities say the suspect is also behind nearly 20 attacks in michigan and ohio. new york congressman charles rangel is speaking out about ethics charges leveled against him. the democrat used his speech on the house floor to say that he's made mistakes but that he's not resigning.
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he's accused of failing to pay taxes and disclosing valuable assets. metro is investigating a possible hit and run this morning involving a metro bus. the bus was out of service yesterday afternoon when it rear ended a car. it happened at glebe road and fairfax drive in arlington. people in a car suffered minor injuries. metro is investigating reports that a bus driver left the scene. the driver has been replaced -- has been placed on leave. theon metro's green line guardian angels of d.c. are patrolling. seven people were recently involved in a brawl, being the reason. the guardian angels want to prevent similar incidents. >> if we see a fight breaks out and gets out of hand, we will physically get involved by pulling the plug on it and try to calm them down.
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>> they carry a two-way radios and handcuffs. they plan to patrol the green line between congress heights and fort totton on friday and saturday nights and on weeknights. they will report any violent crime to metro police. >> we are learning how our area will benefit from the jobs bill president obama's signed. maryland, virginia, and d.c. will receive $450 million combined to help save teachers' jobs. most districts in our area avoided major job losses. the bill includes money to help pay medicaid. the results of the new toyota tests and president obama turns his attention to manufacturing. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> we begin with the federal reserve taking action to revive the economic recovery. after its meeting tuesday, the fed said the pace of the recovery has slowed in recent
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months. with high unemployment and falling home prices holding back growth, the fed says it will buy government debt to drive interest rates a little lower on corporate raids and mortgage loans. >> we need to incentivize businesses and individuals that borrow money at low rates so they can invest in things. >> economists doubt this will help much because rates are already low and that has not stimulative spending much. president obama will sign a bill today to help manufacturers and create jobs. it suspends tariffs on materials companies import. that will save jobs, cut costs for businesses and consumers and boost exports. gm is expected to report its biggest profit in six years tomorrow. the company may have earned more than $1 billion in the second quarter, thanks to bigger sales of ronaldo and higher prices in the u.s. -- bigger sales around
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the world. driver error was to blame for many reports of sudden acceleration in toyota vehicles. the only problems uncovered so far are with formats and sticky petals. toyota has recalled nearly 10 million vehicles to fix the problems. netflix has struck a deal to boost its online library. it will pay a billion dollars over five years to a stream of movies from paramount, mgm, and lions gate. subscribers will get instant access to movies, three months -- three months after their debut on a pay channel. i am vinita nair. time for traffic and weather. >> adam caskey is here. you get up early for this shift. i see many people in the neighborhood running while it is
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still dark so they can exercise before it gets too hot. >> as they should. i see people especially in fort myers. good for them. good for everybody for exercising at the early morning. looks like we will break a record of normal temperature this morning. the record high low temperature is 78 degrees at reagan national. it is 83 with scattered clouds. a lot of sunshine today. for scattered clouds will be noticed. it will be uncomfortable. it is 76 in frederick. temple hills, 78. 76 in culpeper. in herndon, 74. we are in the low 80s in some spots are ready to start our wednesday morning. reached 98 ate reagan national. that ties the record high
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temperature. at dulles we did not break the record. the average is 87. tropical depression off the southwest coast of florida will likely attract to the west towards louisiana and mississippi and turn into a tropical storm danielle tonight. high pressure off to the north. over new england we have a cold front that will slowly creep our way. that will give us relief from the heat and a good chance of standards thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. 97 and sunny today with a few scattered clouds. added cloud cover on thursday with late-day storms. welcome back, lisa baden. i am tickled because it there was constructed on the 14th street bridge. i wanted to go live to the scene.
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it moved off the bridge. we have two to the left and one to the right to getting across the bridge. that trafficked is merging onto the bridge off the george washington parkway to the right. delays are pretty intense already from before pentagon city to the 14th street bridge. a truck on the bridge just left. let's go to newschopper 7 to look at the beltway in montgomery county. that looks good over 270. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 right now. stephen strasburg had his worst game as a washington national. the florida marlins got six runs. the nationals lost eight-two.
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there was nothing wrong with , physically. tiger woods exception to one reporter's comments at a press conference. >> watch this. >> the good thing is even though i am one of the worst players on the planet, i might do better than you. >> he is preparing for the pga championship with the help of a new swing coach, but he is in danger of losing the no. 1 world ranking. >> 76 degrees. >> coming up, the science of sleep, why some people can sleep through anything while others a pin.t the top of the ddrop oa >> and testing your food iq on
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oprah at 4:00.
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>> a woman who had an unnecessary double mastectomy will receive a $198,000 settlement. she had the procedure at a los angeles county medical center. a pathologist outside that puzzled determined the cells were cancerous.
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after the surgery, doctors determined the woman never had cancer. she sued the hospital and she won. ever wondered why some people can sleep through anything? >> if it has something to do with their brain waves. during sleep, brain waves become slow and organized except for brief bursts of sleep spindles. spindles are more prevalent among deep sleeper. they can block out certain stalliosounds. >> i need some more spindles. there's still another half hour. >> coming up, the nation's most famous flight attendant is out of jail this morning and talking. we will hear from steven slater a little later. >> the search continues for the person police say is a serial attacker. details coming up. >> early this morning we
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, an alaskan fishing trip ended in tragedy. we are learning more about the cause of the plane crashed and local ties to some of the passengers. good morning, washington. it is wednesday, august 11, i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz, in for alison starling. more on that story in a moment. we begin with another check of the hot and sticky weather. adam caskey was tweeting all morning. >> i sent my first one this morning. >> congratulations. >> i am a brand-new man.
6:31 am
we hit a record high of 98 yesterday. i should say we tied the record. >> we will possibly hit more records today. >> the record is 96 at dulles airport. that is the most likely to fall today. outside this morning we have a few scattered clouds in the nation's capital. 83 right now at reagan national. many in the '70s elsewhere. 74 degrees in leesburg. 97 this afternoon. we will notice big changes over the next couple days. upper 80's by tomorrow. same-store through the weekend. scattered thunderstorms especially by tomorrow afternoon. lisa baden, do you tweet? >> i don't. i just learned how to program my vcr. now the latest in technology, newschopper 7 flying over the beltway. looks pretty good in springfield
6:32 am
near the dulles toll road. we have checked out the beltway at 270. that looks fine carriage nothing on the toll road and the beltway at route 7. more to come. back to you. >> thank you. 6:32. the deadly plane crash that killed former alaska senator ted stevens and four other people. authorities say four people survived. they include former nasa administrator sean o'keefe and his son kevin. two people from our area survived. 13-year-old willie phillips of germantown and jim morhard of alexandria. >> i feel guilty and happy that he's alive, but knowing someone else is getting bad news. that is the hard part. it could've been us. if >> federal investigators are combing the wreckage, trying to determine if what brought the plane down. >> pamela brown is live in a satellite center with what we
6:33 am
know so far. >> federal investigators say bad weather may have been a factor in the crash. they took off at 2:00 p.m. on monday headed for a remote fishing village, but the pilots encountered poor visibility due to heavy fog and rain on the 200-mile trip. when the passengers cannot arrive at the campsite, it took a medical team 12 hours to reach the site by helicopter because of the weather and brutal terrain. the airplane flew into a slippery steep of a mountain, skidded, and came to rest in a ravine area on the slope. there was a 100-yard it grooves in the land where the aircraft was. they are resuming the investigation this morning. president obama is paying tribute to those who died in the tragic crash. he issued a statement saying, " michele and i extend our
6:34 am
condolences to the entire stephens family and to the families who perished along side senator stevens in this terrible accident." there's a vigil tonight for four people murdered last week in prince george's. two women and children were found dead in an apartment. if tonight's vigil is at 7:00 outside sovereign grace baptist in new on 3rd street thir carrollton. the manhunt continues for the serial stabbing suspect in leesburg. one man has been connected to more than a dozen attacks in three states. police are poring over tips from all over the country. brianne carter is live in leesburg with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the so-called serial attacker has killed five people and injured 11 others. police have released a video of the vehicle they believe the suspect may have been driving just before an attack in
6:35 am
leesburg. in the video, police say the man they believe responsible seen driving through the parking lot seconds before attacking a 19- year old, just one of three attacks in this area. authorities tell us a 15-year- old boy was stabbed while drivijogging. they believe he's driving a green chevy blazer. police are looking for more surveillance video as they tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. they are also looking to toll road camera videos, to determine where the man was off while he was in leesburg. police say that everyone should still be on high alert. if anyone with information is asked to call police. brianne carter reporting. of fredericksburg soldier killed in iraq will be laid to rest today. army specialist morgan matt best will be buried at arlington national cemetery this afternoon.
6:36 am
-- morgan mcbeth. she died from injuries in a non- combat related injury. 18-year-old liticia frazier was last seen on august 2 in southeast d.c. she's about 5 foot 5 and weighs about 170 pounds. she worked at a mcdonald's in temple hills and did not pick up their paychecks last thursday. if you have any information about her disappearance, call d.c. police. the search is on for prankster who may be targeting d.c. council chair vincent gray 's maciel campaign. for a person has been making prank phone calls to residents and masking their phone number with a vincent gray campaign line. they have notified d.c. police. the results are in for several key primary races. former world wrestling entertainment ceo linda mcmahon easily won the republican senate
6:37 am
nomination in connecticut. michael bennett won the democratic nomination for the senate in colorado. he will face off against tea party favourite ken buck. still ahead, a flight attendant who was fed up or hero? we will have the latest on steven slater and the attention he's getting. >> how to get real-time information on metro at the tips of your fingers. >> another check on traffic
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>> i am with the ocean city beach patrol. it is my 38 year at ocean city on the beach. come down and join us. good morning, washington. wednesday morning, 6:40. it is hot and muggy. high temperatures well into the '90s. it might break a record at dulles airport of '96. we may break that by two degrees. that's this afternoon. a record at reagan national is 101. we will not reach that. it is 77 incumbent, 75 in hagerstown. 79 in the district. today will mark the 51st 90-
6:41 am
degree day so far this year. the average is 37 in a typical year in washington. 97 is a high temperature today. the average is 87. we will be well above that this afternoon. closed average by tomorrow with added cloud cover and the chance of storms in the afternoon tomorrow. a cold front moves in. that was interesting. there was a traffic pattern change on the 14th street bridge. two to the left and on to the right to getting through. we're going to leesburg pike. newschopper 7 flying over route 7 getting to tysons, looks quiet for now. back to you. >> thank you. 6 zagat 41. metro riders have a new high- tech way to the information about a train schedules and delays. beginning today, metro is
6:42 am
leasing information's for smart phone applications. it could pop up in offices, hotels, and other tourist- friendly places. it includes arrival predictions, rail routes, elevator and escalator outages. 6:42 on this wednesday morning. mike allen will take a look back at the big night for the tea party. and some say, a great night for the highest. a jetblue flight attendant is out of jail. coming up, hear what he has to say. more tropical weather in the gulf means another delay dr
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investigators tried to figure out what led to the plane crash that killed former alaska senator ted stevens and four other people. former nasa administrator sean o'keefe was also on the plane. he survived. if three people from our area on the flight. two of them survived. the man wanted for three stabbings in leesburg was driving the vehicle seen in the surveillance video, a green chevy blazer. the man is also responsible for attacks in michigan and ohio. former illinois gov. rod blagojevich is still waiting to hear its fate in the hearing in his corruption trial. it will begin its 11th day of deliberations. no word on whether they're close to reaching a verdict. turney to the oil disaster in the gulf, forecasters say a tropical depression in strengthening as it moves toward the side of the oil spill.
6:46 am
a tropical storm warning has been issued for much of the gulf coast. bp and the coast guard say they have had to stop drilling a relief well that is designed to permanently plug a blown out well. the nation's most famous flight attendant is out of jail and talking. steven slater's explosive exit from his job seems to have resonated with unhappy workers everywhere, making him something of a folk hero. now the details. >> what do you think about all the support? >> i have appreciated it very much. >> he was working a flight in new york on monday. a passenger ignored his order to stay seated. her luggage to hit him in the head. infuriated, he unloaded an expletive-laced resignation on the p a system. >> did he just swear at a passenger on the intercom? that never happens. >> deactivated the emergency
6:47 am
chute. now he is piloting a new movement after 30 years as a flight attendant. fed up.ein >> even his ex-wife is supporting him. >> he definitely exited in a grand fashion. >> he is charged with two felonies and could face seven years in prison. his next court appearance is september 7. abc news, new york. primary day, big wins for the tea party as well as for the white house. >> mike allen has a look back and what this means for the president. >> it has been awhile since the white house could smile. the president's candidates in colorado was senator michael bennett, a democrat.
6:48 am
the president went and did a fundraiser and a television ad and a robo-call. bill clinton was supporting the other candidate. >> while it was a victory for tea party members last night, you say that is not a bad thing for the white house and democrats. >> the tea party had three big wins last night. we have spoken about, the republican in colorado, ken buck. linda mcmahon, a republican, will be running against blumenthal, the attorney general. that's conn.
6:49 am
on youtube use see linda mcmahon in the ring kicking someone in the crotch as the crowd cheers. >> not exactly senatorial behavior. >> any surprises? >> people thought they had the race is figured out in washington, but they did not. republicans still have plenty to worry about. republicans will probably slip into the house, but it is not guaranteed. >> thank you. >> let's check the weather with adam caskey on this wednesday. >> another hot day, more of the same period a lot like yesterday. slightly cooler. you will not feel much of a difference. the heat index will be around 100. there is a good look at the sun rise over the bay.
6:50 am
a few scattered clouds over the metro area. 83 degrees at reagan national. that will set a record warm a low temperature. that is 78 degrees karlie. we have not budged from 83 in the past few hours. in the '70s elsewhere. 77 in temple hill, culpeper, 76. herndon, 75. you will feel humidity again today. you go get a slight break from the temperature is the next couple days, but not the humidity. let's give you a rundown of the temperatures. yesterday was a milestone, the 50th day that was 90-degrees this summer so far. today will be the 51st. the average is 37, 90-degree days in washington. had 6790-degree days.
6:51 am
the record at dulles airport is 96, 98 at reagan national. in southwest florida they are looking for tropical storm danielle . it is tracking toure the louisiana and mississippi coast lines over the next couple days. tomorrow the temperatures will drop and clouds will increase, with a chance of storms. a lot of sunshine, 97, a high- temperature. let's look at traffic with lisa baden. >> . relatively smooth. there was an unusual traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge, but that has been taken care of. newschopper 7 flying over the leesburg pike, looks pretty good.
6:52 am
between dranesville and tysons, normal volume. next, we go to virginia. this camera shows 395 traffic after the pentagon, the 14th street bridge, two lanes to left and one to the right, getting a round of construction on the 14th street bridge. biometrics scanners are getting to a park. biometrics scanners are getting to a park.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> airline workers and passengers have had it with the hassles. how did air travel get to be such a giant pain? and will it change the way we travel? that's on good morning america this morning on abc. you soon will not need a key card to access montgomery county recreation centers. >> you will only need your finger. the county plans to implement biometric scanners that read the vein patterns in each person's finger tips. officials say it will save taxpayers $50,000 a year and cut back on plastic card waste. the plan is generating some mixed reaction. >> if you forget your kee card, you always have your finger.
6:56 am
>> it is invasive. protectrent, i have to my child. >> 3 rec centers, including the germantown swim center, will test those this fall. then all of the county's 28 facilities will be switched over by february. time for a last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> how does it look? >> the entrance for centennial park, ellicott city, 108 is closed in both directions because a car collided with a truck. the pace of traffic leaving the belt way toward the pentagon, on the screen there. let's go to 270 traffic at shady grove, relatively well out of germantown getting to the beltway. another 90-degree day, high temperature of 97 this afternoon. tomorrow will be a little cooler as temperatures dropped to the upper 80's for the
6:57 am
cooler as temperatures dropped to the upper 80's for the
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